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page one ft. terrible phonetic spelling


There were so many things with which I could have opened this writing and sharing space, but one call came clearly and trumped them all: “tell your beloveds about your healing”.

Who are my beloveds? Das you boo. All of you.

(Okay disclaimer: I tend to swiftly drop phonetic spelling moments many a place and I type how I speak. I'm not really sorry. Y’all can grammar-nazi me if you want, cause ironically, I am one too. If you are of an older generation and aren’t a cool/hip/trendy mom I'd be happy to translate my millennial nonsense into English for you, just shout. Okay cool onwards I go)

I'm not going to make this post too long-winded – I just want to simply outline the current space I am in and as time goes I’ll delve into details of each facet of experience. My heart for this journal is this: I am an encourager and deep believer in the purpose of people. I am a light-addict and seek it like I breathe; deeply and without fail. Here’s hoping at least one heart is stirred to pass the light on. I am a maker and a thinker and a feeler, and I have long craved a space for my testimonies, ponderings, poetry, art, and love to be laid out together in one warm little home.

So welcome to my little love cave, friends. It’s made of leaves and dappled sunlight marks its floors. We drink tea here, but I keep coffee on the shelf, and if you listen close, there’s a quiet hum of jazz and heaven, sounding low through its foundations.


I recognize the romantic notes of idealism and potential for blissful ignorance in that last paragraph, but y’all, vulnerability is my life mantra and believe you me, I'll be sharing all the messy stories in and around my life too. Yay. Mess. We love mess. But we love working through messes in nice leaf caves – simple solutions for joy. u r welkom. Stay tuned for more.

First mess: a five year long eating disorder. From which I was miraculously healed in March of this year. I'll go into the story in more depth in its own post, but for now it’s vitally necessary that I share how there was nothing left I could have done to free myself from the deep, dark roots of this illness. I had tried everything, I had ultimately worked too hard actually. It wasn’t until I called it as it was and stepped out from under the hold that shame had over me, fully in surrender, that I received the healing that only could have been a supernatural miracle.

This healing has changed the course of my entire life – my forever rhythm can’t help but sing gratitude. And now, I’ve just embarked on a five-month long adventure throughout the United States (yo gal singin’ ‘Party in the USA’ over and over as she touches ground thanks miley love ya). This trip is a response to the deep call in my heart over the last year, and I’ve received promise after promise about the continued freedom and healing I'm going to receive.

It’s been a scary move for me, for many reasons, but when I hear that voice, I know to listen. And I know to expect good and beautiful things, no matter how challenging the process may end up being. So yes, I am readaaaaay.

I'll be writing about all the newness I experience, all the art I create, all the challenges I face – I think you get it. And obvs many a sprinkle of lame jokes and sassy observations will feature. ‘Cause like, Americans have already provided me with a multitude of entertainment and I’ve been in the country less than 24 hours.

Let’s laugh, beloveds. Just because.

Sayonara. Totsiens. Goodbye.

Jokes one more thing here's a nice picture of some leaves in Croatia once upon a time. Geniet.

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Linda Bruce
Linda Bruce
Jul 27, 2018

Dayna Gay ... I light up like a glow worm when I read your words. Thank you my special fairy God Daughter. I love you tooooooo much.

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