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oh hey,


you've found yourself in a place where colours really do dance – so glad you're here. i hope you enjoy your slow wander through.

i'm Dayna–Gay,​ a Zimbabwe–born artist and photographer living and working in Cape Town, South Africa.

my creative practice is largely an exploration of colour, light and form. i am primarily a painter and one could most accurately categorise my paintings under abstract expressionism, with an occasional leaning toward impressionism. because, well, Monet is a vibe.​

i also find great delight in discovering bridges between disciplines such as drawing, design, textiles, illustration, photography, and poetry.

as a prolific documenter, i'm deeply inspired and affected by my experiences in Creation. you'll likely find me making a joyful noise while fumbling for my camera whenever i spot a delicious colour combo out in the wild. these stored memories spark my curiosity and guide my process when back in the studio.

themes of nature, home, light, and time often occur in my work,

and through it i hope to communicate and inspire joy, rest, slowness, playfulness, and reconnection.


last but not least, at the core of my practice you’ll find my faith, vulnerability, and a love for storytelling. may you feel something eternally good as you make your way through the colours.

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