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letting ‘somewhere’ come to me: lessons from Pooh

"Sometimes when I go somewhere

and I wait,

somewhere comes to me"

- Winnie the Pooh

Yup. A little chubby bear said that. And it put a pause on every thought – every anxious, future-driven thought – that I had been moving with. Stopping to let this one sink in has been one of the most chest-bursting gratitudes of oh wow and yes please and again and again yes and again still more.

How marvellous is a moment like right now, when we give right now the marvellous moment it is? I think that makes sense when you think about it, and it is a lesson I am going to hold onto into every tomorrow to the best of my ability.

I went to watch the new Christopher Robin movie today, along with my new 6-year-old bestie. And see, here’s where I’ve had to check myself: I’ve been travelling in the States, exploring a vibrantly new continent, meeting hearts that are turning my world upside down in the best of ways, and yet – I have spent a majority of the last few days planning and researching and thinking about 2019 and what decisions I should make for a year that isn’t even nearly close to my breath yet. wuht. no man. Dayna gurrrl – stop the nonsense, listen to the hunny-lovin’ bear, and let all that go. Today is today and it’s a favourite day and “yesterday, when it was tomorrow, it was too much day for [you]” (well said, Pooh).

Try stay with me now:

My most recent somewhere has been somewhere I want to go, yes, nothing wrong with that. But I’ve learned that all my previous somewheres never really ended up being my somewheres, and all the right somewheres have always kindly found me. All I had to do was wait a little longer, listen a little Deeper, look a little higher – and time, time, time and again, Faithfulness has found me a somewhere that has been far fuller and brighter and more necessary than any somewhere I could have ever imagined for myself.

Lemme try that in English:

We make our plans, but they rarely turn out. A standard human situation, yes. And I know that often this is a hard pill to swallow. However, more often than not, when our hearts are open to it, we can find ourselves in a place where even more wonderful gifts can be experienced than what was in our original, world-minded, human-restricted plan. It simply takes a choice to use different eyes, and to seek with all your heart a beauty-harbouring glimpse of goodness, and my friend, you will find it. Tried and tested theory right here. Promise.

This has given me peace. Oh, the sweet fuel that peace gives to the restful momentum of a day. How sweet? So sweet. Okay I'm done, back to the point:

peace in the loving of right now

peace in the breathing of today

peace in the trusting for tomorrow

and peace in the simple hug of “it’s okay”

In this gaining of peace about not having to know my tomorrow, it frees up my today for fullness – and instead of my somewhere being a place I have to strive towards, it becomes a hopeful promise.

And so, in the words of my new hero:

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” (Pooh, again, because yes)

I dare you to let today become a river, beloveds. Breathe deep and look closely, you’ll find a hella lot of goodness and so many things to laugh about.

(artist unknown)

(artist unknown)

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