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friend, welcome to the painting party!

a virtual art class exploring the playful joys of mixed media

the live class has passed but you can still order

a pre-recorded version of the lesson!

R250 pp.


  • downloadable video of virtual class 

  • painting demo to follow along

  • inspiring artwork examples

  • technique examples

  • pre-recorded Q&A session

email me at to order,

or click the button below:

i have been teaching and hosting watercolour classes, workshops + events since 2019.



  • i believe in the power of creativity to release us from fear, and the lie that creativity "is for the artists, the select special ones" – OH HECK NO. Not on my watch.

  • i believe in the power of play – to bring rest, and even healing, to our often tired hearts and minds.

  • it brings me great joy to empower others in the wonder of creative expression.


most of my own work is a playful exploration of mixed media. i absolutely love discovering all the various ways of combining paint with other drawing tools.

i'd love to teach you how to explore

and play too – beyond the base of watercolour.

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